24 April 2007

Name Me!

An event of hilarious proportions has slipped in between the birthday celebrations and finals week. Nathan and I have been on the lookout for a new car for awhile now, but not very actively. When my cousin offered to sell us his 1995 Neon for $80, we jumped on it. While it doesn't look like much, it actually runs quite well and has new tires, brakes, etc. It wasn't until a few days later we had one of those morning after moments. It took a lot of clorox, armorall, a couple seat covers, two kinds of air fresheners, and a deep, deep vacuuming session to start the bonding process. Now I need a name. The car definitely looks pissed off, you wanna see? Here's a pic:

So any ideas?

09 April 2007


I bought a method brand omop. I wanted to begin to use products that are green. I wanted to become a greener person for my world. And in case you didn't know, omop is an environmentally safe mop, made by method, which is a company that uses environmentally safe products...like the soap for the floor and the microfiber mop pad, also like detergent and shower cleaners and even candles and such. Anyway, I bought it in dreams of having a floor that was worth using it on. A floor that would shine my reflection back at me as I gazed longingly at it....but alas. My kitchen floor is hardly wide enough for the mop. In fact, it's a lot easier to just scrub the floor on my hands and knees. As I do so, Omop sits in the corner, watching, waiting. And as I get out the clorox and other various cleaners, he silently sobs in despair. If only my floor was worthy of him.

Here is the tagline that sold me:

"Making floors friendly to kids, pets, and white tube socks. This omop starter kit contains everything you need to take care of all the floors you love."

The problem, friend, is that I have no kids, my dog can't live with me (sadly, no pets aloud), and I know I don't own any tube socks. (sidenote: I hate socks) The beautiful wood floor in the picture? Not mine. And even if I did have all those things, I don't love my floor. My world, yes, but not my floor. Maybe someday, I'll have enough money to save said beloved world. But until then, its hands and knees and clorox products I use on my dreadful few square feet of linoleum.

Great Minds.....haha

Sometimes, at your darkest, most honest moments, you know you are crazy. But then, if this is true, what is crazy? Crazy=Normal.

Back me down from backing up
Hold your breath now it's stacking up
Etched with marks, but I can deal
And you're the problem and you can't feel
Try this on, straitjacket feeling
so maybe I won't be alone
Take back now, my life you're stealing

Trust you is just one defense
off a list of others, you don't make sense
Beg me time and time again
to take you back now, but you can't win
Take back now, my life you're stealing

Yesterday was hell
But today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all I ever thought you'd be
That face is tearing holes in me again
but today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all the things you put me through
I'm holding on by letting go of you

And when the memory slips away
There will be a better view from here
And only lonesome you remains
and just the thought of you I fear
it falls away

~This is why I love All-American Rejects. I'm not alone.