25 May 2011


Today it is windy.  I am sitting in my chair by the window, watching the wind throw the branches around.  It reminds me of how nothing stays the same.  Even when I am not moving, the wind is moving through me.  My life has been in a constant state of upheaval recently.  Thank goodness I am planted where I am...but all the branches in my life are being thrown around, sometimes quite violently.  I am looking forward to sunnier days.  Where the sun causes growth and happiness and stillness and I can peacefully look up at the blue sky and take a nice deep breath.  I am a tree, reaching toward the heavens. Slowly growing each day closer to the one who created me.  I may be bowed by the wind, but I am strong enough to keep growing.

19 May 2011

The Skies. Plural.

Today I randomly selected

Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

as my verse of the day.  I think it is so interesting that the author chooses to say the skies rather than the mountains, flowers, canyons, trees...the earth.  The sky is empty, but it is full of wonder.  The heavens, the skies.  God's glory is all around us, and even in the places we can't see, there are proclamations of his wonder.  This verse brings visions of a gorgeous sunset, or a deep blue sky with ethereal white wisps of clouds.  Looking up at night and gazing at the universe.  Or the kind of sky you can stare up at through tree branches for long, deep moments of time and feel like something profound has occurred, despite the fact that nothing has changed.  The sky is always moving and yet never changes.  It's the one thing that stays the same and is never the same simultaneously.  Thinking of something so out of our reach, that we cannot even hold or touch...it seems like the perfect transition from us homely humans who are like ants on the ground to God.  In heaven.  Starting from us playing in the dirt, to the sky, which we can see, then the stars, (which...I won't even delve into their awesomeness today) then God.  In my mind anyway, it seems fitting that the sky is above us.  Where we can look up and hope.   We can see why the sky (or multiple...the sky, the stars, then the heavens themself...everything we can see looking up and more) strive to glorify God and all He IS and has created.  Wow.

15 May 2011

Never Forget

Creating is what I'm made for.  It's what we all are made for.  I have a constant yearning to do this, and anything else pales in comparison.  I don't want my life to feel stagnant, and I don't want to ignore my calling in this life.  Knowing this, and owning it, I am taking control and devoting this chapter in my life to creating.  To answering that call, acknowledging the deep yearning I feel to write and create, and going for it head strong.  Being the person I long to be.  It's easy to say, much harder to do.  On this cold May day, I feel like curling into myself and sleeping a long sleep, waking when life is easier.  But instead, I'm going to perform life.  I'm going to set goals, and live up to my own vision of myself.  My first goal is to write everyday, whether it is through blogging, writing my book, or writing music.  My second goal is to finish my first book and publish it by the end of the summer.