About Me

My name is Kate, and I'm a 20-something mother of two and wife of one.  My life has evolved quite nicely over the years, as evident by my two year old daughter and one year old baby boy.  I started blogging while in college, needing a place to vent and really just create.  Farrago means "a confused mixture, a hodgepodge."  This is definitely a great description of me.  Although I am a confused mixture, I am also a beautiful mess, and when I spew my thoughts, it comes out poetic and soulful.  I am a musician and songwriter, a writer who is currently writing a young adult book, and a photographer.  I have also written a few short stories, which you can find here as well.  Feedback is always appreciated.

I'm coming into the belief that God has created me to create for Him.  He has called me to do these things by giving me a yearning and a passion, and I cling to that wholeheartedly.  I am His, and He is mine, and acknowledging this has brought me here to write and share.

Under currents to the left you can find links to my photography blog, our blog about eating a whole food diet, and also my husband's blog.  As well as those of good friends and of things that are of profound value to me.  I hope you enjoy it here and come back often.

My Family

Miss Charolette...we call her Charlie Brenan

Emry Jack who is called Little Bit