07 June 2012

Into Marvelous Light

I love that song.  Into marvelous light I'm running.  Out of darkness and out of shame.  What a great song to come on while I am running the last part of my run today!

Something happens when I am running.  I can see more colors, more definition.  I can feel the breeze with every skin cell.  My mind goes into deep currents, flowing into thoughts that seem profound and I feel enlightened.  But when I get home, much of that is lost.  Like a dream.  Some of it stays, some of it stays with me deeply, and I am more whole, closer to God, and more content than I knew possible.

Running gives me energy, gives me life, and gives me a chance to have a quiet time to think and communicate with my God.  It is a truly awesome thing!

And by the way, I am on week four of Couch 2 5K.  I am just starting to run more than walk, and interval running is amazing.  I cannot wait until I can run and run and seemingly not grow weary....ok so I know I will grow weary.  But I see where I am going, I have clear goals.  I am running a 3K race in two days....I am actually doing this!  It's scary, amazing, rejuvinating....I love everything about it.  Even the soreness, the mornings when I feel like I can't, the heat, the rain, the cool sweet morning light and the new air...it feels new to me.  That is my favorite thing.

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