09 April 2007


I bought a method brand omop. I wanted to begin to use products that are green. I wanted to become a greener person for my world. And in case you didn't know, omop is an environmentally safe mop, made by method, which is a company that uses environmentally safe products...like the soap for the floor and the microfiber mop pad, also like detergent and shower cleaners and even candles and such. Anyway, I bought it in dreams of having a floor that was worth using it on. A floor that would shine my reflection back at me as I gazed longingly at it....but alas. My kitchen floor is hardly wide enough for the mop. In fact, it's a lot easier to just scrub the floor on my hands and knees. As I do so, Omop sits in the corner, watching, waiting. And as I get out the clorox and other various cleaners, he silently sobs in despair. If only my floor was worthy of him.

Here is the tagline that sold me:

"Making floors friendly to kids, pets, and white tube socks. This omop starter kit contains everything you need to take care of all the floors you love."

The problem, friend, is that I have no kids, my dog can't live with me (sadly, no pets aloud), and I know I don't own any tube socks. (sidenote: I hate socks) The beautiful wood floor in the picture? Not mine. And even if I did have all those things, I don't love my floor. My world, yes, but not my floor. Maybe someday, I'll have enough money to save said beloved world. But until then, its hands and knees and clorox products I use on my dreadful few square feet of linoleum.

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Zoobey said...

hmm... an interesting example of marketing. Maybe you should mop with a head of cabbage, a kermit puppet, or with an attitude of envy -- those are all green.