22 March 2007

Elevator Parade

I ride an elevator at least twice a day, and it seems that every time the lift stops on an unintended floor everyone on that floor stops what they are doing to stare at me. As if I am on parade and please, please look at the decorations! I spent a lot of time on them. I feel a bit stiff, as if I am probably one of the big floats with lots of streamers. And there must be something ridiculous about the colors or sounds or way I move, because until those doors slide ever so slowly closed, I am the object of countless people's attention. Of course, the elevator parade only lasts for a few seconds.

Here's a picture of what I may look like (on any given week day of course) to
strange men and/or women when the elevator door slides open:

And here's what an elevator looks like: (don't let today's posers fool you, this is the real thing)

In case you were wondering, these happen to be the original plans for the safety elevator (not related to the safety dance, which I'm sure was what you were thinking.) It is very old, so be careful with it.


Zoobey said...

Are you dressed like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show or something? If not, I think maybe you should. And then post pictures.

Anonymous said...
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